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Construction Management

Construction Manager (CM), or Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), is a delivery method that utilizes the construction company, hired by the owner, to oversee the entire project. The CM stands in as the owner’s representative and advocate in every step of the process from preconstruction, to design, bidding and through construction. The CM firm is brought on prior to completion of drawings and offers preconstruction consulting during design. CM contracts typically utilize a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) set by the CM and is a price threshold that the owner’s project will not exceed. It gives owners the opportunity to select a design team and a contractor independently, based on qualifications for the project. This delivery method is ideal for project owners who want an expert’s help managing their project or communicating between parties.


The Design-Build delivery method is when an architect and contractor act as one singular team and are under the same contract to the client. This approach creates a unified workflow from conceptual design to construction completion. The D-B process begins with an owner drafting an initial project design and asking for project proposals from various design-builder teams. After the owner has chosen a proposal, the design-builder’s team can get to work almost immediately, making this delivery method ideal for projects with accelerated timelines.

construction work
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As its name suggests, this delivery method consists of three distinct phases: the design phase, the bid phase and the build phase. An architect is first hired to design the project and prepare any necessary drawings and specifications that the contractor’s team will need to complete the construction work. Once drawing documents are completed, bids are solicited from General Contractors. After the winning bid has been selected, the build phase begins, and the contractor can get to work. The design team and contractor are hired under separate contracts with the owner. This delivery method provides great checks and balances throughout the project.

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There’s a vast amount of planning that takes place before actual construction can begin. In the early stages of a project, our team will support the client and architect to develop drawings, budgets, and schedules while providing insight into conducive variables such as materials, systems and construction methods. Before any shovels hit the dirt, BIC helps project owners understand what to expect and when, by providing a clear roadmap for getting the project done on time and on budget.


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